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Solid Waste Management 2016 Manual (The Manual)
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This manual on Municipal Solid Waste Management provides guidance to urban local bodies on the planning, design, implementation and monitoring of municipal solid waste management systems. Issues of environmental and financial sustainability of these systems are a critical consideration.

The management of municipal solid waste in India has surfaced or continued to be a severe problem not only because of environmental and aesthetic concerns but also because of the enormous quantities generated every day. Even though only 31% of Indian population resides in urban areas, this population of 377 million (Census of India, 2011) generates a gigantic 1,43,449 metric tonnes per day of municipal solid waste, as per the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), 2014-15 and these figures increase every day with an increase in population. To further add to the problem, the total number of towns (statutory and census) in the country have also increased from 5,161 in 2001 to 7,936 in 2011, thus increasing the number of municipal waste generation by 2,775 within a decade.