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  • Syed Aleem
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  • Veerasandra Main Rd, Veer Sandra, Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka
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Lube Tech Petrochemicals is a leading oil recycling company in Bangalore. Established in 2000, recycling of used oils by  vacuum distillation. We are authorized by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board  for recycling of Used Oils.  After a decade of service we have scaled up the plant to 20,000 Tons per annum. We have adopted the Thin Film Evaporation Technology to recycle Used and Waste Oils. We are authorized by KSPCB and CPCB to reprocess Used oils and Waste Oils.

We undertake recycling of Used Oil-All once used Lubricating and insulating Oils, Furnace Oil/LSHS sludges, Slop Oil etc. We transport, treat, incinerate and dispose various types of Non-Halogenated Industrial Hazardous Waste. Our facility transports, treats and disposes with environmentally sound manner.

Our fundamental approach is to ensure that the entire process of transporting, filtering, separating pollutants, distillation, incineration of wastes generated during recycling activity (with 100% free pollutant released to the environment) and finally the storage and handover the waste in the form of ash to TSDF is a regulated hi-tech process that ensure maximum safety to the environment. The yield of refined oil from this process is 100% pollutant free and can be blended safely with virgin oil or individually.
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