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Air and Water Pollution Control

Air and Water Pollution Control
Air and Water Pollution Control


Emissions generated from the Industrial Operations, Construction activities contain Particulate matter and harmful gases.  These emissions escape into atmosphere resulting in air pollution. 

In order to control Air Pollution caused by Industrial units, certain pollution control the norms/ parameters standards have been set up by the Ministry of Environment, Govt. of India and Pollution Control Boards. It is mandatory for the industrial units to comply with these standards for which certain Devices/Equipments such as Wet Scrubber, Dust Collector, Cyclone Separator, Bag Filter, Anti Smog Gun need to be install to prevent pollution and meet the prescribed standards set up by Pollution Control Boards.


Waste water generated from Industrial units often contains toxic chemicals, inorganic and organic contaminants which get discharged to water bodies and pollute them. The waste water from industrial unit needs to be minimized to prevent overutilization of water resources and treated to prevent the contamination of water bodies. 

To meet the prescribed standards set up by Pollution Control Boards, Waste Water Treatment Plants such as Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Oil and Grease Trap (OGT), Settling Chambers, Septic Tanks etc are installed depending upon the characteristics of waste water to be treated and extent of treatment required.

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Air and Water Pollution Control Measures Required by Industries
Effluent Treatment/ Sewage Treatment/ Oil and Grease Trap for Waste Water Treatment
Wet Scrubber/ Dust Collector/Bag Filter for Air Pollution Control
Anti Smog Gun/ Mist Cannon for Dust suppression in Construction Projects, RMC Plants
Waste Water/ Emission Testing for Performance Monitoring of Control Device
Is Your Industry Air/ Water Polluting. Things to be kept in mind.
  • Discharging waste water/air emission directly to the environment without any treatment/ pollution control device is violation of Environmental Norms.
  • Installation of adequate and efficient pollution control system so as to meet the prescribed standards of Pollution Control Boards
  • Regular monitoring of pollution control system to check performance and efficiency is required. This can be done by testing samples in labs or through online monitoring system.
  • Capacity Building of Staff handling Environmental Issues and Training of Operators for enhancing their skills and knowledge is required.
  • Adopting new and better treatment technologies for reuse of resources and improving quality of environment. 


Comprehensive Approach for Pollution Control
Design, Installation and Commissioning

Complete design, installation commissioning of Air Pollution Control Devices and Waste Water Treatment Plants. Up gradation/ modification/ Repair of Existing units.

Technical Feasibility/ Adequacy Report

Preparation of technical Feasibility Report/ Adequacy report of Pollution Control Devices and performance monitoring.

Emission Monitoring/ Testing from Approved Labs

Air Emission Monitoring, Ambient Air Monitoring, Effluent Analysis/ Testing of various Parameters of Water and Waste Water

Operational Training/ Capacity Building

Capacity Building on Environmental Compliances, Training on operation and maintenance Pollution Control Devices

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Complete Solution for Your All Pollution Control Related Queries

We offer complete range of solutions varying from Environmental Compliances and Documentation related to Pollution Control Boards to installation of Pollution Control Devices such as Sewage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant,  Oil and Grease Trap, Wet Scrubber, Dust Collector, Bag Filters.

Our Team Consists of Environmental Engineers, Ex Pollution Control Committee Officials having experience in various spheres of environment for catering different needs of Industrial/Commercial units. As we are focussed only on environmental sector, we can provide to the point solutions to Industrial/Commercial units for any issue related to this sector and make them complaint with pollution control norms..  

We also provide Remedial Solutions to Industries who have been issued Show Cause Notices, Modified Directions, Closure Directions in case of non compliance of Pollution Control Norms. Onsite Training of Staff for handling pollution norms/ Skill development of Operator of ETP/ STP from Environmental Experts is also offered.

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