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Annual Return E- Waste & Compliances

Annual Return E- Waste & Compliances

The E-Waste Management rules  apply to every manufacturer, producer, consumer, bulk consumer, collection centres, dealers, e-retailer, refurbisher, dismantler and recycler involved in manufacture, sale, transfer, purchase, collection, storage and processing of e-waste or electrical and electronic equipment such as computers, laptops, mobiles, LED, Television sets, Refrigerator, Washing Machine including their components, consumables, parts and spares which make the product operational.


According to E Waste Rules, an annual report containing information regarding E-Waste generated, collected, channelized, processed,  disposed, material recovered, sold etc has be filed  in Form-3 and has to  be submitted by 30th day of June following the financial year to which that return relates.


Maintaining records of e-waste handled or generated is required in Form-2 as per E-Waste (Management) Rules. This form cont information regarding E-Waste generated, collected, channelized, processed, treated and disposed.

Further every manufacturer, producer, refurbisher, dismantler should ensure to  channelize the E-Waste to registered recycler or disposal facility. 

Who all needs to file Annual Return E-Waste and maintain records

  • Bulk Consumer           
  • Producer
  • Manufacturer            
  • Refurbisher
  • Dismantler                 
  • Recycler

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  • Filing of Annual Return for financial years to the concerned State Pollution Control Board/ Central Pollution Control Board.
  • Providing guidance and assistance for maintain record of E-Waste and agreement with registered recycler for disposal of E-Waste generated.

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