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Hazardous Waste Compliance and Record

Hazardous Waste Compliance and Record

 Responsibilities of the occupier for management of hazardous and other wastes.-

  1. For the management of hazardous and other wastes, an occupier shall follow the  following steps, namely:-

(a) prevention;

(b) minimization;

(c) reuse,

(d) recycling;

(e) recovery, utilisation including co-processing;

(f) safe disposal.

  1. The occupier shall be responsible for safe and environmentally sound management of hazardous and other wastes.
  2. The hazardous and other wastes generated in the establishment of an occupier shall be sent or sold to an authorised actual user or shall be disposed of in an authorised disposal facility.
  3. The occupiers of facilities shall maintain a record of sale, transfer, storage, recycling, recovery, pre-processing, co-processing and utilisation of such wastes and make these records available for inspection.

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  • Providing guidance for handling/ storage of Hazardous Waste.
  • Assistance in maintaining record of Hazardous Waste in Form-3.
  • Agreement with authorized agency for disposal of waste generated.
  • Filing of Annual Return for Hazardous Waste Management to the concerned State Pollution Control Board/Pollution Control Committee
  • Complete filing of HAZARDOUS WASTE AUTHORIZATION in accordance with Hazardous Waste Management Rules. 

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