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Air Pollution Control Devices

Air Pollution Control Devices
Air Pollution Control Devices


Emissions generated from the Industrial Operations, Construction activities contain Particulate matter and harmful gases.  These emissions escape into atmosphere resulting in air pollution. 

The Air (Prevention And Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 was enacted  to provide for the prevention, control and abatement of air pollution. According to this Act, no person shall, without the previous consent of the State Board, establish or operate any industrial plant in an air pollution control area. Further, the unit generating air emission shall take appropriate pollution control measures.

In order to control Air Pollution caused by Industrial units, certain pollution control norms/ parameters standards have been set up by the Ministry of Environment, Govt. of India and Pollution Control Boards. It is mandatory for the industrial units to comply with these standards. Air Pollution Control Devices/Equipments such as Wet Scrubber, Dust Collector, Cyclone Separator, Bag Filter, Anti Smog Gun need to be install to prevent pollution and meet the prescribed standards set up by Pollution Control Boards.

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Areas of Application of Air Pollution Control Devices
Dust/ Cyclone Separators SECTOR/ AREA OF APPLICATION Sawmills, Cement Industry, Spice and Dal processing etc
Wet Scrubber/ Venturi Scrubber SECTOR/ AREA OF APPLICATION Metal Casting Furnaces, Boilers, Incinerators, Diesel Generator 1000 KVA or more
Fabric /Bag House Filters SECTOR/ AREA OF APPLICATION Cement Silos, Buffing industry, Floor Mills, Pulverisers
Anti Smog Gun/ Cannon SECTOR/ AREA OF APPLICATION Construction Projects, Road Dust Suppression, Mining etc
How Air Pollution Control Devices Work
  • DUST/CYCLONE SEPARATOR: A cyclone separator is a separation device that uses the principle of inertia to remove particulate matter from flue gases. In these separators, dirty flue gas enters the chamber from a tangential direction at the outer wall of the device, forming a vortex as it swirls within the chamber. The larger particulates, because of their greater inertia, move outward and are forced against the chamber wall and drop down. This separates the particulate matter from the flue gas, leaving cleaned flue gas. Cyclone separators are also used as pre treatment to other air pollution control devices to increase their efficiency. 
  • WET SCRUBBER/ VENTURI:  Wet Scrubbers are air pollution control devices which can remove particles and gaseous pollutants from industrial exhaust streams. In Wet Scrubber, dirty gas stream enters the chamber with a scrubbing liquid mostly water. Particulate or gases get scrubbed with liquid and are collected in the scrubbing liquid. The scrubbing liquid is recycled till it become concentrated. Wet scrubber can also be used in combination with venturi system.  
  • FABRIC /BAG HOUSE FILTERS: In Fabric filter/ baghouse, fabric filtration technique is used to remove particles from the contaminated gas stream by depositing the particles on fabric material of suitable pore size. It is usually in form of cylindrical fabric bags arranged in a chamber. Baghouses are particularly effective for collecting small particles. A well designed baghouse will generally have an extremely high particulate matter (PM) collection efficiency i.e. about 99.9 percent. 
  • ANTI SMOG GUN/ CANNON: When vast open spaces require dust suppression, fog cannon are used. These uses  hydraulic spray nozzles mounted circumferentially around the outlet head of a large fan assisted barrel. The concentration of nozzle spray together with the high flow of air from the fan, throws the droplets many metres towards the source of the dust activity
Comprehensive Approach for Air Pollution Control
Design, Installation and Commissioning

Complete design, installation commissioning of Air Pollution Control Devices such as Cyclone separators, Wet Scrubber, Fabric Filters, Anti- Smog Gun etc . Up gradation/ modification/ Repair of Existing units.

Technical Feasibility/ Adequacy Report

Preparation of technical Feasibility Report/ Adequacy report of Cyclone separators, Wet Scrubber, Fabric Filters and performance monitoring

Emission Monitoring/ Testing from Approved Labs

Air Emission Monitoring and Ambient Air Monitoring of Parameters of such as PM, PM2.5, PM10, NOx, SOx, HC etc from MoEF (Ministry of Environment and Forest) Recognized Lab.

Operational Training/ Capacity Building

Training on Environmental compliances such as operation and maintenance of Wet Scrubbers, Fabric Filters

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Complete Solution for Your All Pollution Control Related Queries

We offer complete range of solutions varying from Environmental Compliances and Documentation related to Pollution Control Boards to installation of Pollution Control Devices such as Sewage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant,  Oil and Grease Trap, Wet Scrubber, Dust Collector, Bag Filters.

Our Team Consists of Environmental Engineers, Ex Pollution Control Committee Officials having experience in various spheres of environment for catering different needs of Industrial/Commercial units. As we are focussed only on environmental sector, we can provide to the point solutions to Industrial/Commercial units for any issue related to this sector and make them complaint with pollution control norms..  

We also provide Remedial Solutions to Industries who have been issued Show Cause Notices, Modified Directions, Closure Directions in case of non compliance of Pollution Control Norms. Onsite Training of Staff for handling pollution norms/ Skill development of Operator of ETP/ STP from Environmental Experts is also offered.


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