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Dust Collector | Cyclone Separator

Dust Collector | Cyclone Separator
Dust Collector | Cyclone Separator
A cyclone separator is a separation device that uses the principle of inertia to remove particulate matter from flue gases. In these separators, dirty flue gas enters the chamber from a tangential direction at the outer wall of the device, forming a vortex as it swirls within the chamber. The larger particulates, because of their greater inertia, move outward and are forced against the chamber wall and drop down. This separates the particulate matter from the flue gas, leaving cleaned flue gas. Cyclone separators are also used as pre treatment to other air pollution control devices to increase their efficiency.
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Cyclone are also referred as precleaners as they are often used to reduce the inlet loading of particulate matter (PM) to downstream collection devices by removing larger, abrasive particles. Cyclones are also referred to as cyclone collectors, cyclone separators, centrifugal separators, and inertial separators. Cyclones are used to control PM, and primarily PM greater than 10 micrometers (?m) in aerodynamic diameter.
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Uses of Cyclone Separators
Precleaner with Fabric Filters/ESP/ Wet Scrubber
Recovery and Recycling of Process Material
Spray drying in Food and Chemical Industries
First stage control of PM emissions from kilns and furnaces
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