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Anti Smog Gun | Anti Smog Canon

Fog Cannon Dust Suppression
Anti Smog Gun | Anti Smog Canon
Anti-smog gun is a canon shaped device attached to water tank built on a movable device that sprays atomized water droplets in the air. Fog cannon are used when vast open spaces require dust suppression. This involves using strategically-placed atomizing nozzles to spray a fine mist of water to capture airborne dust particles and bring them to the ground. The concentration of nozzle spray together with the high flow of air from the fan, throws the droplets many metres towards the source of the dust activity.
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Anti-smog gun is a canon shaped device that sprays atomized water droplets in the air. Air atomization enables tiny particles or water, which increases the number or droplets and reduces the surface tension of the water. This means when the water droplets collide with the dust particles, instead of the dust bouncing off the 'skin' of the water, they merge and the increased weight of the dust particle causes it to fall to the ground. These fog cannon dust suppression are used in vast open spaces.

The objective of Anti Smog Gun is to remove dust particles from the air so that quality of air is improved to reach the permissible level of ambient air quality standards. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Anti Smog Gun in Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic mode in different throwing capacities.

With increasing air pollution year on year, Governments, businesses and societies are trying to think out of the box to cope with the challenge of controlling and minimizing the pollution levels. One such device that is gaining traction is the Dust Suppression System commonly known as anti-smog gun/ Fog Cannon. An Anti-Smog Gun is a device that sprays atomized water into the atmosphere to combat air pollution. It is connected to a water source mainly in the form of a water tank and the same is mounted on movable vehicles so that it can be taken across the cities. Anti-Smog Gun is generally employed for Construction sites, Mining Sites and when wide area needs to be covered. One of the most crucial things is that these fog cannon dust suppression are highly sophisticated devices and therefore the need is that Anti Smog gun Manufacturer must have a reputation for providing some of the state of the art devices and appliances. When it comes to Anti Smog gun suppliers in Delhi NCR (Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad & Gurgaon) region, we are one of the best in that. Being one of the top-notch Anti Smog cannon suppliers, we bring on table design efficiency in our products coupled with durable products and competitive pricing.

Our Vide Range of Models
MODEL NO. GG - ASG 20 Design Throw upto 20 Metres Price - Rs. 2,20,000 onwards
MODEL NO. GG - ASG 30 Design Throw upto 30 Metres Price - Rs. 2,50,000 onwards
MODEL NO. GG - ASG 50 Design Throw upto 50 Metres Price - Rs.3,30,000 onwards
MODEL NO. GG - ASG 70 Design Throw upto 70 Metre Price - Rs. 4,25,000 onwards
Areas of Application
  1. Construction projects
  2. Mining
  3. Landfill sites
  4. Coal mining areas
  5. Road dust suppression 
  6. Demoliton sites
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