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White Category Certificate

DPCC Online Application & Registration
White Category Certificate

DPCC Online Application & Registration

In order to promote Ease of doing Business, CPCB in its revised classification of Industry has grouped Industries with no pollution or minimal pollution under White Category of Industries

Industrial Sectors having Pollution Index score incl. & upto 20 has been categorized into White category. The Pollution Index PI of any industrial sector is a number from 0 to 100 and the increasing value of PI denotes the increasing degree of pollution load from the industrial sector.Thus White Category of Industries pertains to those industrial sectors which are practically non-polluting.

There shall be no necessity of obtaining the Consent to Operate for White category of Industries. An intimation to concerned State Pollution Control Board or Pollution Control Committee shall suffice. As per Delhi Pollution Control Committee, an Industry which falls under White Category needs to submit an undertaking and complete the DPCC Online Application and DPCC Registration process. The DPCC Certificate, also known as the white category certificate, is one of the most relaxed conditionality when coming to setting up and running any commercial or industrial plant. This is applicable for non- polluting/least polluting Industries. Industries with Pollution Index Score below 20 are classified as White Category. This is a government initiative for Ease of Doing Business and a big relief especially in Delhi NCR (Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad & Gurgaon) and Green Genra can assist you more in the process.

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Some of the White Category Industrial Sectors
Light Engineering Works Sheet Metal Fabrication
Garments stitching, tailoring (without washing / dyeing / bleaching and boiler)
Assembly and Repair of Electrical Gadgets
Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing (Fal-G) Technology without using Kiln
Is your Industry under White Category.
  • No Trade Effluent Generation. There shall be no effluent/waste water generation during process or washing activity.
  • No harmful gases or polluted Air Emissions. 
  • Industrial Sectors having Pollution Index score incl. & upto 20
  • Any type of Hazardous Waste, Toxic Waste shall not be generated.
How We can help You obtain White Category Certificate
Documents And Information Collection

Our Customer Executive would line up with you and collect necessary documents and information based on your Business Activity

Document Processing and Preparation of Enclosures

Based on the documents and information we will prepare undertaking and other enclosures to be filed

Application Filing and fees submission

Once Undertaking is prepared we will file the application online and requisite Govt. fees shall be paid by Client. Your Application Gets completed.

Application Processing and Grant of Certificate

Once Application is completed in all respect your application would be processed for grant of Certificate.

Documents/ Information Required for Pollution License
  1. Aadhar Card of Applicant
  2. Pan Card of Company/Partnership firm
  3. Rent Agreement if applicable
  4. Electricity Bill
  5. Manufactruing Process
  6. Raw Materials and Products
Complete Solution for Your All Pollution Control Related Queries

We offer complete range of solutions varying from Environmental Compliances and Documentation related to Pollution Control Boards to installation of Pollution Control Devices such as Sewage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Oil and Grease Trap, Wet Scrubber, Dust Collector, Bag Filters.

Our Team Consists of Environmental Engineers, Ex Pollution Control Committee Officials having experience in various spheres of environment for catering different needs of Industrial/Commercial units. As we are focussed only on environmental sector, we can provide to the point solutions to Industrial/Commercial units for any issue related to this sector and make them complaint with pollution control norms.

We also provide Remedial Solutions to Industries who have been issued Show Cause Notices, Modified Directions, Closure Directions in case of non compliance of Pollution Control Norms. Onsite Training of Staff for handling pollution norms/ Skill development of Operator of ETP/ STP from Environmental Experts is also offered.


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