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Benefits of having a DPCC green certificate for your business

Benefits of having a DPCC green certificate for your business

DPCC green certificate is provided to some less polluting industries. Such industries that cause less pollution and harm to the environment are considered the Green category of industries.

All the industrial sectors having a pollution index score of 21 to 40 are categorized into green category industries. The pollution index PI of any industrial sector is a number from zero to hundred and the increasing value of the Pollution index shows the increasing degree of pollution load from the industrial plant.

So the green category of industries is the ones that are less polluting as compared to the red and orange ones. All the industries coming under the Green Category need to apply for consent to establish and consent to operate for pollution control licenses.
The industries that are into bakery items, injection molding items without reprocessing, plastic processed goods without plastic carry bags, plastic sheets or like used for packaging, wrapping of the commodity, assembly, and repair of electrical gadgets, embroidery, sawmill, aerated water, and fruit beverages and more are including in the green category industry by the DPCC.

They need to obtain a DPCC green certificate for their operation. These industries are less polluting as compared to red and orange ones. Most of the green category commercial and industrial settings do not need to incorporate pollution control devices under the environmental norms but need to apply for consent, and certificates to get pollution NOC from the concerned authorities.

How to process and file consent to establish and operate applications for the green category industry

1. Choose an industrial activity from the list of predefined industrial control activities of the DPCC board that is related to your business operations.

2. Prepare the project reports, undertakings, details of the pollution control equipment, and other documents as applicable and required for consent to establish a certificate. In case of an incomplete application, the office will raise clarification or reject the same straightway.

3. For consent to operate an application, it is imperative to take control measures concerning water, air, or noise pollution as applicable to your industry and then get the lab testing done if applicable from the lab of the pollution control board panel.

4. File the CTO application with the required documents, fees, and information. After the scrutiny of the application by the pollution control officer and the procedure of granting a license to the industry is followed.

The following documents are required to be submitted to the DPCC for obtaining a green category license
1. Pan and Aadhar card
2. Authorization letter
3. Municipal or industry license
4. Factory, trade, or health trade license
5. Proof of registration of the unit
6. Water, electricity bill
7. Proof of ownership
8. Consent fee
9. Noise monitoring report by the laboratory of DPCC
10. For Common effluent treatment plants, industry should submit proof of the membership
11. Duly signed undertaking in a prescribed format by the applicant
12. Chartered accountant certificate
13. If the industry falls under the redevelopment plan category of 2021, longitude and latitude details need to be provided.
Wrap up
It is imperative to take professional help to get the DPCC green category certificate in a hassle-free manner.                  


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