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How to get consent to establishment from pollution control board Delhi?

How to get consent to establishment from pollution control board Delhi?

Are you planning to start any commercial or industrial unit and if it causes pollution to the environment in the form of water or air, it is imperative to get license of Consent or DPCC certificate from state pollution control board.

This consent is applied in two stages- consent to establish and consent to operate

1. Consent to establish: It is a primary license required before establishment of the industry. It is a kind of prior intimation to the pollution control board about the proposed business activity, its pollution potential and proposed pollution control measures.

With consent to establish certificate from pollution control board, industrial unit can establish and start their business after installing plant and machinery.

2. Consent to operate: After installing plant and machinery and other pollution control devices, it is business is ready to start operation and need to get consent to operate.  The application contains information about waste water discharge, air emission load and details of pollution control devices.

Consent to establish and consent to operate are the two main licenses that are required if you are in the process of setting up a new commercial or industrial unit. Consent to establish is the primary license required before start of industry.

How to apply for consent to establish license?

1. It is important first to choose a permitted area where manufacturing activity is allowed as per local authority norms.

2. Prepare project reports, water balance charts, details of pollution control devices and other documents as required for consent to establish application. Then file the consent to establish application with all the required documents, fees and information.

3. The application goes under the scrutiny of pollution control official. It is important to process the accurate and complete application to get consent to establish certificate without any hassle. If the official finds the application is not complete or inaccurate they will raise clarification or may reject the application outright.

4. For Consent to operate first install pollution control devices and  take control measures with respect to water, air, noise pollution as applicable to the industry and subsequently get the testing of the pollution control device done by laboratory which is in the panel of lab of pollution control board.

5. File the consent to operate with all the required documents, fees and information. The application is scrutinized by pollution control board.

How professional service provider help in obtaining Consent to establish and operate easily?

1. The customer executives of the service provider will collect required documents and information based on the business activity.

2. Based on the documents and information they will prepare project report, and other enclosures to be filed with the consent application form.

3. After preparing the enclosures the executives file online consent application and requisite government fees on behalf of the client.

4. Once application is completed in all the respects it will be processed further for grant of DPCC certificate or in case of any issues the executives will do the follow up with the department.


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