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Online pollution certificate for factory

Online pollution certificate for factory

Pollution license is an environment permit or pollution control license is a legal document issued by the government authority or regulatory body to control and regulate pollution from factory, industrial or commercial activities.

The license is mandatory for industrial or factory activities that have the potential to release pollutants in the environment like air, water or land.

The main aim of a pollution license is to make sure that the activities in the factory are conducted in the manner that reduces their impact of carbon footprint on the environment and also does not affect the human health.

Pollution license has some conditions and limits on the type and amount of pollutants that can be discharge or emitted by a factory. These conditions may include regular monitoring, use of pollution control device and reporting of emissions and compliance with specific environmental regulations and standards.

What are the benefits of pollution license?
1. Legal compliance: A pollution license ensures that businesses operate within the legal framework established by environmental regulations.

2. Environmental protection: The main aim of pollution license is to protect the environment from hazardous and harmful substances and industrial activities.

3. Conservation of resources: Pollution license encourages businesses and factories to adopt sustainable practices that boost resource preservation.

4. Confidence of stake holder: Having a valid pollution license boost the reputation and credibility of the company. It fosters commitment to environmental sustainability and responsibility.

5. Competitive-edge: People support and approve of businesses that have pollution control license and that takes steps to curb pollution and carbon footprint on the environment. In growing environmental awareness, businesses with pollution control license gain a competitive –edge in the domain.

Why there is a need for pollution license?

1. Protecting the environment: The license ensures that businesses operate within the specified environmental guidelines, thus reducing harm to natural resources.

2. Legal compliance: Pollution license ensures businesses comply with environmental laws and regulations, avoiding penalties and legal consequences.

3. Health and safety: The license protects the health and safety of the communities by controlling and mitigating pollution related risks.

4. Resource conservation: The pollution license promotes sustainable practices in factories like waste management, ETP plant and thus helps conserve resources.

5. Community engagement: Encourages businesses to engage with local communities, addressing concerns and ensuring sustainable coexistence.

6. Market image: With pollution control license the market image of the business is enhanced as the business that is environment conscious allures investors, customers and stake holders.

Steps to get online pollution control license

1. First check the category the business belongs to.

2. Following the clarification of location, it must be located within the industrial area and the orange and green category industries may submit an application using online DPCC portal.

3. If the project is changing or developing, the project proponent must submit an assessment application to the SDM. If the location is not in the development zone, they must also submit DPCC’s assent.

4. All the documents should be submitted

5. Industry or project proponent must submit a hard copy of DPCC CTE and undertakings after attesting the signature

6. Also, the industry must install a pollution control device that DPCC will  oversee

7. After the CTO application is submitted online and in physical form with attested signature, the DPCC certifies the paperwork and issues the license.

Wrap up

Consider support from a professional service provider and get pollution license without any hassle.

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