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When to consider professional assistance for your DPCC application?

When to consider professional assistance for your DPCC application?

One can get a DPCC certificate through DPCC online application. DPCC is a no-objection certificate that the government issues to ensure that the existing business or proposed business model is not causing any harm to the environment and will not affect it in the future.

Know the documents that are to be filed for obtaining the DPCC certificate?

  •     Pan card
  •     Aadhaar card with a registered mobile number
  •     CA certificate
  •     Electricity bill latest
  •     Location or the site plan of the business entity
  •     Documents like registration deed, rent deed, and lease deed indicating property details
  •     MCD license for restaurants
  •     Municipality/local body water connection certificate
  •     Biomedical waste agreement
  •     Delhi Medical Council certificate only for clinics and hospitals.
  •     Rent agreement, if any
  •     Project report
  •     Lab tests report

Who is to apply for DPCC consent?

Any individual or business entity that generates, collects, receives, stores, transports, disposes of, treats, or handles any industrial waste needs to apply in Form I to the DPCC for the grant of Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate.

It is imperative to take the help of the service provider who will help you file the DPCC online application.

Steps to obtain DPCC online registration help from the professional service provider

  •     Fill out a simple questionnaire on the website of the service provider.
  •     Pay the required amount.
  •     Email all the required documents.

 The customer executives would line up with the client and collect required documents and information based on the business activity. They will file a Consent to Establish application on your behalf.

 As applicable to your industry, the pollution control devices like oil, grease tap, effluent treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, wet scrubbers, and dust collectors would be installed by the service provider's team.

 The service provider's team tests wastewater and monitors air emissions of the installed pollution control devices to ensure the adequacy and efficiency of the device installed. Then they will file the consent to operation application on your behalf.

Once the application process is completed in all respects, the service provider will process the same for the license grant. In case of any query from the department, the experts will follow up with the DPCC department for a license.

When to consider professional assistance for your DPCC application?

The professional service help has a team of experts, including environmental engineers and ex-pollution control committee officials with experience in various spheres of the environment for catering different needs of industrial/commercial units. They are focused only on the environmental sector and thus provide to-the-point solutions to industrial and commercial units for any issue related to this sector and make them aware of the DPCC pollution norms.

The professional service providers will guide and help the entities avail of the DPCC license without hassle.

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