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Which company makes dry fog dust suppression systems in India?

Which company makes dry fog dust suppression systems in India?

Are you looking for the best dry Fog Cannon dust suppression India manufacturing company? If so, look no further and consider buying it from a professional manufacturer who has an experience and expertise in engineering the best quality fog cannon dust suppression.
Before cornering the best company that makes dry fog dust suppression, let us understand all about the dry fog cannon for dust suppression and areas of its applications.

Dry fog Cannon dust suppression India uses compressed air and plain water to create small sized droplets. When these micron sized droplets collide with the dirt particles of their size, a process called agglomeration occurs that results in larger particles that fall back into the process by gravity because they are very heavy to remain suspended in the air.

The use of dry fog cannon dust suppression is based on the agglomeration process. To achieve this process at dust source, same amount of like-sized water particles and dust particles must exist and they must be contained in a closed space.

The fog droplets are used to blanket the dust source and act as a shield and prevent the dust particles from becoming airborne.
The best dry fog cannon dust suppression systems allow for flexible configuration with pre-assembled modular aspects. Housed in protective enclosures, the best manufacturing companies supply complete systems comprised of electrical controls, filtration, flow regulation, supply lines and nozzle mounts.

What are the appplications of dry fog cannon dust suppression?

The dry fog cannon dust suppression system minimize fugitive dust from a variety of material handling points, including trippers, conveyor transfer points, crushers, screens, truck dumps, railcar, loading and unloading, ship loaders/unloaders, and ash silo discharge chutes.
They are easy to install and maintain and have a flexible system configuration. The dry fog system has the capacity to control all kinds of fugitive and breathable dust ranging from 1 to 800 microns. The principle behind its working is that if the water droplets of approximately the same size as dust particles are produced, the probability of collision between the two is very high.

Why to purchase from a renowned manufacturer?

The renowned dry fog cannon system manufacturer engineers the best quality fog cannons that are long-lasting, sturdy and equipped with the cutting-edge methods. Dry fog cannons are available with the standard features that include brass nozzles, electric cables, double filtration method to avoid choking of the nozzles, noise levels within the prescribed limit, earth leakage protection and hooks for lifting the unit.

Wrap up

It you are planning to buy a dry fog cannon dust suppression system, it is advisable to purchase from a renowned manufacturer so that you can be rest assured of its quality and performance.

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