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Why is a fog cannon used to suppress dust?

Why is a fog cannon used to suppress dust?

What is fog cannon dust suppression?

Fog cannon dust suppression is a high-powered jet or fan with specially engineered nozzles sprays to suppress and bind dust particles.

What is the working principle of the fog cannon?

The fogging process involves the actions of fog nozzles that nebulizes water into minute droplets with pressure. The fog cannon device brings the dust particles from the air to the ground. It then wets the surface to prevent the momentary dust particle.

The fog cannon dust suppression is suitable for suppressing dust in the construction site, demolition and polluted areas.

The science behind fog cannon dust suppression

The device produces mist from water that effectively suppresses airborne dust particles. Dust kills, and binding it as its source helps to save lives.

What are the components of the dust suppression device?

  1. Nozzle: The nozzle atomizes the water into suitable dust-reducing water mist particles, thus accelerating the dust-reducing speed and making the spraying more uniform.
  2. Water pump: The heart of the device releases the water from the tank to the nozzle. The released water is then atomized through the high-pressure water flow.
  3. Fan: It produces high-speed airflow. When the fan rotates, a high-speed airflow is released from the outlet to blow the fine droplets in the required polluted area.

Advantages of fog dust suppression device

  1. A Fog cannon is engineered to tackle the issues of dust particles in the air generated by activities like open mining, demolition work and bulk material handling. The best-quality fog cannons can suppress up to 95% of airborne dust particles.
  2. With fog cannons, you use water more carefully and achieve results with lower associated costs. Minimized stormwater effects and runoff areas are essential to tackle air and land pollution.
  3. With fog cannon dust suppression, you can reduce labour costs through the automated operation. The user can also adjust the water flow rates to regulate the volume of water discharged from the fog cannon to control the airborne dust without saturation issues. You have just to plug, play and forget about the device.
  4. The user can set the device in a fixed or mobile position based on site-specific needs. They are very effective, and their implementation is easy and fast. With regular maintenance, they provide years of trouble-free performance.

Wrap up
The fog cannon dust suppression is known to suppress airborne dust up to 95%. The smaller units are best for suppressing dust where it is generated in high quantum at easily defined point sources like dumping grounds, stockpiles, crushing, loading and unloading of tucks and more.
The larger units are proficient in suppressing dust caused by high-volume dust events like blasting, demolition and more. Choose the model based on the amount of dust generation and atmospheric conditions, as well as the throw distance.


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