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Why you should apply for pollution certificate online?

Why you should apply for pollution certificate online?

A pollution license or certificate is written official consent from the state pollution control board to establish or operate any business that has the potential of generating trade effluents or pollutants.

Pollution license can be obtained through DPCC online application and it is important as it prevents protects the environment by conserving and protecting natural resources while strengthening economic growth through more efficient manufacturing in the industry.

The industries are eligible to apply for pollution license

  1. Red category industries
  2. Orange category industries
  3. Green category industries

Documents required for pollution license

  1. Capital investment on land and Plant & Machinery
  2. Industry registration
  3. Land ownership documents
  4. NOC local body for proposed industry
  5. Detailed proposal for pollution control system
  6. PAN card copy of industry
  7. Previous consent copy

How to apply for pollution license through DPCC online

First look at your business activity and confirm which category your business belongs to. The business can submit an application for a consent certificate after learning what category it falls under.

As per the clarification of the location that must be located within the industrial area, the orange and green category industries can submit an application using DPCC online application through their portal.

The white category industries go through the easy process and complete an online application, acquire the created undertaking and submit a paper copy to generated undertaking to DPCC. If a project is developing or changing, the project proponent must submit an assessment application to the SDM and if the location is not in the development zone, they must also submit the DPCC’s assent.

Then, the industry must submit the required documentation to DPCC after the completion of the preliminary findings. After the signature attesting, the industry must also submit the hardcopy of the DPCC CTE.

The business if required will install a pollution control device which will be monitored by the DPCC. After the CTO application is submitted to DPCC in the physical form and the signature has been attested, the DPCC certifies the paperwork and issues CTO certification.

Why DPCC consent is required?

  1. To prevent water, air and noise pollution
  2. Conservation of natural resources
  3. Improvement of the performance of environment, creating a better life for the people of Delhi
  4. Adequate efficient waste management measures and practices so that all the kinds of wastes are recycled, reduced and reused
  5. Making the work-place more eco-friendly for the environment by changing, amending, adopting, energy-efficient practices like solar light, CNG, installing low energy equipment and more.
  6. Create awareness about the environment amongst the stakeholders towards conservation and rainwater harvesting and reusing it, composting all the vegetable waste and other bio-degradable waste, carpooling, travel by metro and more.

Wrap up

The pollution levels have increased to an alarming level in the National capital in the past few decades, and the DPCC along with the state government has taken many measures to curb the pollution level. DPPC license is one such way to ensure that the industries are operating as per the pollution control norms and using environment-friendly measures.

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